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HTGI 060: The Path To Independence, Part 1 -- should I even consider it?

PodcastSean KernanComment

Here on HTGI, we like being independent -- so we may tend to gloss over the fact that it is not for everyone. This episode is the first in a series walking you through the whole process: from the first awareness that being independent is possible to the day you make a move. I cover some obvious reasons to continue down the path researching independence as well a few reasons that you probably shouldn't.

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HTGI 013 : Bouncing Back from an abrupt departure - why Todd Simmons needed two moves to get to independence

PodcastSean KernanComment

Todd was comfortable at the only firm he only knew for his first 10+ years in the business, but had to transition to another firm under less than ideal circumstances.  After realizing he wasn't in the right place for the long term, he was able to make a successful move to independence.  Listen to his journey to hear what lessons learned he has for all of us.