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A "one firm for life" advisor goes independent -- part 3 of an ongoing series

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This is part three of an interview I did recently with an advisor currently in the transition process. He built a successful practice and decided to make the leap to independence despite being a "one firm for life" advisor early on. I've changed his name in the article to protect his identity. You can read the first part of the interview by clicking HERE or check out part two by clicking HERE

Talking Independence with Joshua Sheats on the Radical Personal Finance Podcast

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This is a transcript of my talk with Joshua Sheats on his Radical Personal Finance podcast (click HERE to check out his podcast). Joshua and I discussed the independent model and the different ways to start a financial advisor practice.  FYI....this transcript has not been edited to a final draft quality, so please excuse any hard-to-follow passages. You can also listen to the show using the media player to the right or below if on mobile.