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Thinking "Outside The Box" (or least the industry): Jason Fried

Sean KernanComment

There are plenty of "thought leaders" in the financial advisory industry that can help us learn and become better advisors. However, I would submit that most of the truly life changing ideas that you'll come across will be from taking unrelated concepts and applying them to your business and/or life.

I am going to start sharing some of non-industry resources I have found most thought provoking or educational.

One of the people I find most useful in honing my thinking is Jason Fried. He is the co-founder and CEO of Basecamp (a project management tool) and a prolific blogger and author. Instead of trying to summarizing everything Jason has written about, I will just link to a few things he's written or that have been written about him and recommend you start reading his'll know pretty quickly if it resonates or not.