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Sean KernanComment

Advisor bid looks to be a great new resource to help advisors find a buyer or seller, a new OSJ/RIA to plug into, or a way to start their own.

Here's an intro video and some notes below from them.

Everything we do connects the financial services industry like never before. We believe there is a better way to connect to opportunities, empowering advisors to maximize their money making potential by leveraging technology to share what they’re looking for within the industry. 

We call it AdvisorBid®

Connecting to opportunities and transitioning in the financial services industry prior to AdvisorBid® generally originated as referral from a friend within the industry, or exposure to a company’s marketing through advertisements. While word of mouth will always be one of the greatest marketing resources, it's only a drop in an ocean full of opportunities available for advisors.

Therefore, we created the FIRST and ONLY patent-pending company to automate financial advisors' transitions through a social media marketplace. How we do this is by converting each Central Registration Depository (CRD) # at FINRA and each Investment Adviser Representative Depository (IARD) # at the SEC to become a tradable commodity, indubitably becoming the first Multiple Listing Service (MLS) exchange for the financial services industry in the world. 

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