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A great read from Josh Brown of on going independent

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This link is to a great post from last fall by Josh Brown---he of Twitter and CNBC fame.  I can't add too much to the content itself, so I will just say---read it! 

Below is the summary I pulled from the end of the article where Brown contrasts what should cause advisors to go independent....and what should not.  It is as much about attitudes and beliefs as it is about money.

From the post:

Should go independent:

  • I believe that my clients work with me because of my own expertise
  • I want open-architecture in terms of product and service offerings
  • I want access to cutting-edge technology that evolves quickly
  • I believe the ability to express myself publicly will be important to the next generation of investors
  • I want to wear jeans to work and maybe even those Cole-Haan shoes with fluorescent yellow soles

Should not go independent:

  • I believe that the products and services of my firm are the most fitting for my clients
  • I want to represent the brand of the firm I’m at
  • I have paid enough dues here and I am destined for a more important role
  • I am nearing retirement and very comfortable, the firm is good to me
  • My clients are immobile because they like the firm or have banking relationships tying them here

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