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HTGI 060: The Path To Independence, Part 1 -- should I even consider it?

PodcastSean KernanComment

Here on HTGI, we like being independent -- so we may tend to gloss over the fact that it is not for everyone. This episode is the first in a series walking you through the whole process: from the first awareness that being independent is possible to the day you make a move. I cover some obvious reasons to continue down the path researching independence as well a few reasons that you probably shouldn't.

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HTGI 058: The benefits of "Unknown Unknowns" of going independent

PodcastSean KernanComment

Have you done a cursory analysis of the benefits of setting up your own practice? If you have, you probably compared your net payout now to your potential net payout on your own. While that is useful, there are also very intangible and unknowable benefits that can emerge with the flexibility of being a business owner. I talk about 6 of the big ones that have made an enormous benefit in my business and life.