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HTGI 060: The Path To Independence, Part 1 -- should I even consider it?

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Here on HTGI, we like being independent -- so we may tend to gloss over the fact that it is not for everyone. This episode is the first in a series walking you through the whole process: from the first awareness that being independent is possible to the day you make a move. I cover some obvious reasons to continue down the path researching independence as well a few reasons that you probably shouldn't.

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HTGI 059: The Location Independent Advisor

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Steve Diamond as been an independent advisor for 15 years---and most of that has been spent working far away from the bulk of his clients. When his wife got a job offer she/they couldn't refuse, Steve moved from Texas to California. He expected to eventually use ALL of his clients--but instead, his business has steadily grown. Listen to learn the key reasons Steve has been so successful with his "location independent" business.

HTGI 058: The benefits of "Unknown Unknowns" of going independent

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Have you done a cursory analysis of the benefits of setting up your own practice? If you have, you probably compared your net payout now to your potential net payout on your own. While that is useful, there are also very intangible and unknowable benefits that can emerge with the flexibility of being a business owner. I talk about 6 of the big ones that have made an enormous benefit in my business and life.

HTGI 057: The 3 secrets to a successful move to independence (you won't believe #2!)

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When you first contemplate what setting up your own practice would entail, it can seem overwhelming. I've been there, done that, felt that way, etc---and lived to tell about it. However, I can boil the vital ingredients down to just 3: make sure you learn from OTHER people's experiences (and mistakes), make sure you have a backup plan for your business (or more accurately, for your LIFE!), and make sure you build in optionality and flexibility in the early stages of your new business.

HTGI 055: Listener success story: Desmond Henry's recent experience in going independent

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This episode is an interview with Desmond Henry, one of the first listeners of the podcast that I connected with. By the time HTGI started, he was already full speed ahead researching his options much like I had 7 years earlier. He made the move from bank channel to his own practice in June 2016. Listen to hear his lessons learned and how he is enjoying the journey so far.

HTGI 054: Case study: I bought a practice with no money down that was cash flow positive almost immediately

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I took over a business from a colleague last year that has worked out very well for both of us so far (as well as the clients I now serve). The existing relationship I had with the seller allowed us to quickly and smoothly come to terms on a mutually beneficial arrangement. Listen to the details, which included NO down payment and tax advantaged payments for me.

HTGI 050: Removing the muzzle--3 clear ways that communication with the world is easier as an independent advisor

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We work in a highly regulated industry, so it can be tricky to communicate with the world in a way that fits your business. A large company has to deal with the reality that ten to twenty thousand advisors are potentially putting them at risk. With those two factors, it's nearly impossible to escape the lowest common denominator approach to marketing, branding, social media, etc.